e31D is specially developed to suit the modern life standard. It focus to improve the key organs: liver, colon, kidneys and skin to effectively dispel the accumulated toxin and waste from the adipose tissues. This cellulose packed product stimulates bowel movement to relieve constipation, which may result in weight lost. It also strengthens skin antioxidant ability, and prevents skin oxidative damaged.

A beautiful transformation which only takes 31 days for you to own a rosy glow skin.


Detoxification & Weight Management

  • Reduces intestinal problems and disorder.
  • Improves bowel movement in order to relieve constipation.
  • Reduces fat absorption.

Skin Repairing & Brightening

  • Improve skin quality and anti-aging.
  • Hydrate and moisturize.
  • Whitening and suppress the formation of melatonin.

Cell regeneration

  • High oxidation resistance, improve acid constitution.
  • Enhance the body’s immune system.
  • Reduce the level of cholesterol.


Careless® Premium Mango Extract
Cell protection, reduce risk of cardiovascular and weight management.

Psyllium Husk
Promote regularity and overall digestive health, intestinal cleanser and prevents chronic constipation. Appetite-controlled, feeling full and weight management.

Hawthorn Extract
Promote circulatory health, antioxidant and improve cardiovascular system.

Dandelion Extract
Keeps the liver functioning in optimal, maintains the proper flow of bile and promotes digestion.

Cassia Seed Extract
Anti-bacterial, lower blood pressure and blood fat, eliminate fatty acids, sharpen eyesight and stimulate the process of excretion.

Improve human immune system; reduce blood lipids, control blood sugar and obesity.

Help in digestion and absorption; promote intestinal flora balance, auxiliary anti allergy, anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory.

Rose Petals Extract (Patent no. 3818483)
Enhances skin whitening effect, suppress the formation of melatonin, hydrates and smoothen skin.

Plant Sterol
Reduce cholesterol and the risk of heart disease. High in antioxidants and improves the immune system.

L-Arginin (Arginine)
Healing wounds and increase collagen.



  • Constipation
  • Fasting and detoxifying
  • Having poor digestive function
  • Water retention (oedema)
  • Desire for slimming

  • Obese
  • Having dull complexion
  • With busy life
  • Having poor concentration
  • Low immune function

Dissolve 1 sachet of e31D into a glass of water (200-250ml) and stir well. Consume 1 sachet before bedtime daily.

Store in cool and dry place. Prevent direct sunlight exposure. Keep out of reach of children.

User should consult health professional if you are pregnant, nursing, and under any medical supervision before taking this product.


A butterfly goes through 4 stages to complete the process of metamorphosis. It has to be independent during the process where no help will be offered for it to spread its beautiful wings and fly.

Unlike a butterfly which has no help to be offered, Everro is here to assist you for the beautiful transformation in a short time.

The brand new Everro e31D + eMarine will complete your beautifully transform in only a month!

A sachet of eMarine in morning for cells activation and restores vitality.

A sachet of e31D at night to purify, detox, and beautify and repair skin.

First stage (7-9 days)

Body Detoxification
Blood purification
Resolve stubborn stools
Relieve constipation
Soothing edema

Second stage (14-16 days)

Skin repair and replenish
Repair damaged cells
Solve skin allergy and dryness
Digest large pores
Remove skin blemishes and wrinkles
Dilute melanin

Third stage (21-23 days)

Stimulates collagen and fibroblast production
Enhancing the immune system
Activate body stem cell
Strengthen the repairing of cell
Increase cell metabolism rate

Fourth stage (29-31 days)

Control of blood sugar and blood pressure
Restore elasticity and tenderness of the skin
Delay aging of the skin
Reduce body and visceral fat
Reduce weight, relieve body and mind
Radiant and energetic