Frequent Ask Question

What is Everro Biotech Products?

Everro Biotechnology product (Lifeco) came alive when Everro discover the need of a Hitechnology product is absence from the market place. Everro Products are the fruits of research and developed combining Germany and Swiss top notch product technology in providing a BALANCE in human body cells providing the right nutrients for the body.

Where can I find it?

You may purchase off the shelves of our preferred partners or through our unique reseller program.

Who needs it?

Every living person needs it, we have got people who are underweight, overweight or even people seeking for the balance for the body and literally anyone that is looking to improve healthy, beautiful, skin allergy through our unique balance program.

Do you have a seminar to understand more?

Yes, we do. We provide free seminar @ our office every friday 7.30pm to find out more on what our product contains and how it can customised to suit your needs. For more information on the info, please refer to our event page.

Are your products HSA registered?

Yes, you may refer to our news page for more information

Does your product have any conditioning effects?

We focus on balance of consuming our products and never encourage over dosage of our products as we believe More is never a good thing for the body if your body cannot absorb effectively. We have a conditioning response in our testimonial page that you may check it out should you have any effects and what is the reason.

Is your product Halal certified?

Yes, Currently we are Halal certified in Germany, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Can I take your products if I have a medical condition?

We need to assess your current health condition before recommending if you have a health condition, please speak to our consultants for more information.

Is your product expensive?

Our products are priced at reasonable and affordable rates.